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Doc DUI Applesauce - Gooden arrested, induction still on, Mets nearly convinced of Mejia

Meet the Mets

Future Met Hall of Famer Dwight Gooden was arrested for DUI with his child in the car. Of course if anyone thought that this would keep Gooden out of the Met Hall of Fame, they obviously hadn't been paying attention to his life to date. Greg Prince laments.

Oh yeah, and there was baseball played yesterday. Johan Santana and Daniel Murphy had decent games.

Jenrry Mejia's strong back-to-back performances may have convinced the Mets that he's ready for the 8th inning role. Never you mind that he has barely faced anyone of significance during Spring Training (either qualitatively or quantitatively).  

I'm kind of jealous that Ted Berg got to eat all this good food without having to wait in the ridiculous lines.

Jeff Francoeur hit the last home run in Tradition Field. Hey, how about that.

Some interesting stuff on Met prospects and the system in general. Toby Hyde brings up Brad Holt (who I had somehow forgotten about). FanGraphs has three separate profiles on the Met organization. Dave Cameron here. Matthew Carruth here on the current roster. And Marc Hulet on what Met fans have to look forward to.

Around MLB

The Philadelphia sex-for-tickets case is expected to wrap up today.

Brian Schneider is spilling everything to his Phillie teammates. Meh.

Washington has signed Mike MacDougal after his release by Florida.

The Baseball Analysts took a look at who had the most improved pitches based on PITCHf/x in 2009

Some good Dodger stuff to pass along. Matt Kemp has moved in with Rihanna. And owner Frank McCourt wants to bring the NFL to the Dodger parking lot.

Andy Sonnanstine's fall from the Devil Ray rotation is now complete.

Mike Lowell is not convincing the scouts that he can take the field again.