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Support Chris Carter Applesauce - Maine shows life, K-Rod as mentor, Ojeda sanity

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Meet the Mets

John Maine got the start yesterday and allowed two solo shots (one to Pujols). Jerry was pleased with the "life" on Maine's pitches. Here's the lone hitting highlight for the Mets.

The Chris Carter movement is starting to organize. Ted Berg makes his case.

Bobby Ojeda talks some sanity on the Mejia madness.

A few more Gooden posts to pass along. 11th and Washington talks Gooden and Nike. Bob Klapisch describes the monster inside of Doc.

A great story in the Times about Francisco Rodriguez's mentorship of the Met Venezuelan players, including Ugueth Urbina's son.

I really hope that Jon Niese is the Mets' second best starter due to the fact that he's actually good and not that the rest of the rotation is crap.

And, most importantly, the Mets are moving the old Home Run Apple to its old location.

Around MLB

Big news: Jayson Heyward will be the Braves starting right fielder

Also in Braves news: a Gwinnett Brave was arrested as part of a prostitution sting.

Random former Met news: the Mariners have re-signed Yusmeiro Petit, days after cutting him. Seattle has also demoted Mike Carp.

Lastings Milledge has an opinion on the Joe Mauer signing and "small market" teams.

Albert Pujols' contract negotiations with the Cardinals have been put on hiatus until the winter. Just in case you're curous, here's what Pujols would look like as a Met.

It's been picked up several times already and expressed exactly this way, so I'll say it too: Heath Bell is awesome.

Derek Jeter wants to own a baseball team. Good for him.

The Padres have snagged Dick Enberg as their new broadcaster.

Jim Edmonds will be on the Brewers roster.

Vicente Padilla is the Dodgers' opening-day starter. Eek.

And, finally, the boys in the lab are working on a statistic to measure a ballplayer's heart.