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Clearer Bullpen Picture Applesauce - Pelfrey still working on stuff, Green and Parnell to Buffalo, Reyes may start Opener

Meet the Mets

I'm still not sure what to make of Mike Pelfrey's Spring Training. Pelfrey gave up 12 hits, 6 runs in 5 2/3 innings against the Cardinals yesterday, including 3 home runs. When in confusion, we can usually turn to Ron Darling to make some sense of it all.

The Met bullpen is starting to become clearer with Sean Green and Bobby Parnell likely to start the season in Buffalo. That means that Nelson Figueroa will likely make the roster as a long man out of the bullpen. Metsradamus says that Figgy has Oliver Perez to thank for his good fortune.

Omar will not rule out Jose Reyes for Opening Day. Who really knows if this is rushing him or not.

Patrick Flood passes along some Port St. Lucie tales.

Jordany Valdespin has been making his presence known this Spring Training

Rod Barajas says that Takahashi is at least a No. 3 starter. Takahashi, of course, will be in the bullpen.

The Mets still don't know what to do with Gary Matthews Jr.

Sid Pidgeon talks about his boyhood worship of Howard Johnson. The story reminded me of the chance I had to meet the third baseman. (I can't remember if I've posted this story before, but if I have, tough) It was 1989, I was 6 years old. Met reliever Don Aase lived across the street from me and I had become friends with his kids. Anyway, HoJo was visiting the Aase household one day and my friend gave me some advanced warning. I was so in awe of Johnson, however, that I freaked out and couldn't gather the courage to meet him. Instead, I gave my friend my 1988 Met yearbook and hid in the bushes while watching Johnson sign it. Good times.

James got himself into Marty Noble's mailbag.

I'm optimistic and voted for Beltran's return, but really any of these things could easily happen first.

Around MLB

The Phillies' ability to get value from their players makes me jealous.

Jason Heyward is suffering from some shin splints right now.

Ian Desmond has won the Nationals' shortstop job over Christian Guzman.

Finally, the sex-for-tickets trial is over. Not guilty of prostitution, but guilty of  attempted prostitution.

Interesting contract stuff over the weekend. The Giants locked up Matt Cain. Recently released Yankee Chad Gaudin signs on in Oakland

The Red Sox have snagged Giant utility man Kevin Frandsen.

Spring Training has gone on for too long.

Ken Griffey Jr. may be hitting under .200 this Spring, but he still managed to send the fans home happy with a walk-off grand slam over the weekend.