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Worst Lineup Ever?

Some sites index each team's opening day lineup, probably assuming that lineup represents the team's optimal configuration. With Daniel Murphy doubtful for Opening Day, the Mets opening day lineup could be as follows:

  1. Gary Matthews
  2. Luis Castillo
  3. David Wright
  4. Jason Bay
  5. Jeff Francoeur
  6. Mike Jacobs
  7. Rod Barajas
  8. Alex Cora
  9. Johan Santana

I'm assuming Gary Matthews over Pagan for emphasis, but also because he's played well this spring and I can envision him getting significant playing time. In other words the Mets opening day lineup will be:

  1. Why aren't you retired?
  2. Defensive specialist who can't play defense
  3. Superstar
  4. Star
  5. Fringe-starter (we hope)
  6. Doesn't walk enough for AAA
  7. Will probably bat .200
  8. Technically retired
  9. Pitcher

Seeing this lineup, on a scale of one to 2008 Mariners, how would you rate Omar Minaya's job security?