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Eddie Kunz Applesauce - Mets still waiting for Kunz development, Reyes scratched, Escobar a possibility

Meet the Mets

The Mets lost to the Braves yesterday 9-5. What you should know: Eddie Kunz got rocked as the Mets are still trying to make something of the highly drafted reliever. Fernando Martinez tripled and singled in three at-bats.

While the Met beat reporters were hanging around with the Braves, why not ask what Chipper thinks about the Mets?

The Mets will face St. Louis this afternoon, but will be without Jose Reyes who is going to have some more blood work as a follow up to his physical.

Kelvim Escobar says that we shouldn't count him out for opening day yet.

Some ESPN/Met stuff to pass along. First, the Mets will be featured eight times on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. Secondly, Bobby Valentine talked with Jerry Manuel yesterday in an attempt to learn more about some of the 700 players he had never heard of before starting on Baseball Tonight.

Patrick Flood has some very good points about the fans' general enthusiasm for their team's prospects.

Daniel Murphy held his own with Mike Francesa.

Around MLB

Be sure to check out The Hardball Times' 2010 forecasts featuring contributions from AA's own Eric and Alex.

The perfect example of a Spring Training story: a look at the new style of batting gloves (featuring Omir Santos' reaction).

Mr. Belding and kareoke. Too bad it's with a Phillie affiliate.

Upper Deck and MLB have settled their legal dispute, allowing Upper Deck to continue selling their cards.

Joe Girardi wants a high OBP guy batting behind Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and everyone else.

Fangraphs offers its take on the J.A. Happ being lucky debate.