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The Amazin' Avenue Annual Is Here

The Amazin' Avenue Annual 2010 at

Go get it at It's free!

I want to thank everyone who was involved in this project, from its conception back in November to its realization today. An unbelievable amount of work went into creating this book and we're all unspeakably proud of the way it turned out. I covered all of the thank yous in the AAA's acknowledgments, but Brad Lappin deserves another mention here for turning a loose stack of articles into an actual book. You'll know what I mean when you see it; this thing is a work of art. So, thank you, Brad.

I don't know what you're doing still reading this. Go get the book and then let us know what you think. The book site has a feedback/correction form, so if you notice any errors or omissions please use that—and not the comments section here—to notify us of anything that needs correcting.

As I've mentioned previously, the print and Kindle versions will be forthcoming, possibly as soon as next week.