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Good Times in Big League Camp for Top Prospects

After watching Jenrry Mejia throw these nasty pitches en route to retiring seven straight batters yesterday and watching Ike Davis hit this monstrous Home Run in the game prior, you can add Fernando Martinez to the list of Mets top prospects off to a ridiculously impressive start in this year's Grapefruit League action. After getting into three games and going 4 for 8 with a triple, Martinez made the trip to Melborne to face the Nationals today and proceeded to obliterate some baseballs, going 4 for 4 with two home runs. Both homers came off of major league pitchers (though hardly world beaters) and former Mets: the first off Shawn Estes (who did not pitch in the majors in 2009) and the second off career reliever Tyler Walker.

For those counting, this makes Fernando 8 for 12 thus far with two homers and a triple. He's also yet to either strike out or draw a walk, which while a bit strange and something to watch moving forward, is hardly worth complaining about when he's hitting this well.

Being that three of the biggest current roster questions for the Mets involve pitching, first base, and center field; Mejia, Davis, and Martinez are three guys to watch closely. Extending their hot starts into late March could earn them serious consideration as candidates to go north with the big club.