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Early Reaction To The Amazin' Avenue Annual

The early reaction to the Amazin' Avenue Annual 2010 continues to trickle in, and it's overwhelmingly positive.

"I highly recommend checking out the Amazin' Avenue Annual 2010, which features all sorts of great perspective on the Mets."

Ken Davidoff, Newsday

"I shill this for two reasons: (1) I got a chance to peak at it before it was released, and it's really, really good; and (2) internet baseball writers are doing the best work of anyone out there these days, and we should support the hell out of them."

Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports

"The guys over at Amazin' Avenue did a terrific job putting together their Amazin' Avenue Annual 2010."

Brian Costa, Star Ledger

"It's good. It really is. There's great Mets writing by great Mets writers and Mets bloggers and Mets writer/bloggers."

Patrick Flood, Exile on 126th St.

"[T]he Amazin' Avenue Annual 2010 successfully exhibits why Mets fans are so blessed to have such a talented stable of writers within its blogosphere."

Matthew Artus, Always Amazin'

Here are a couple of reviews from folks who have contributed to the book but enjoyed it nonetheless.

"The Amazin' Avenue Annual is out and it's free. I'm saying this not to be nice but because it's true: This is work of professional quality and will be an indispensible companion in the seven months to come if you for whatever reason want to follow along with the exploits of Alex Cora and co."

"The AAA never ceases — instead, it keeps amazing, it keeps delighting and it keeps informing. It makes you think plenty, with a forecast for 2010, an autopsy on 2009, a sense of 2011 and a satisfying trip into the time before."

Thanks again to everyone who has downloaded the book (upwards of 1,800 of you so far), we very much appreciate it. And to those of you who have read it and given space on your website or blog to tell some other folks how much you liked the Amazin' Avenue Annual, well, we are considerably in your debt.

We're already working on the format conversions to prepare the book for print and Kindle rollouts, so look for updates on those shortly. As always, feedback and corrections are always welcome, so contact us either via the e-mail links at the bottom of this page or the contact form at