Daniel Murphy's Future?

With fan favorite Daniel Murphy coming back from the DL relatively soon and Ike Davis seemingly staying in the bigs for the long haul, the question of The Irish Hammer's future with the organization remains in question.

If Dan Murphy wants to stay with the Mets he needs to, and has even said that he is willing to, learn how to play other positions. This is also assuming Ike Davis is here to stay long term in the bigs. The most reasonable position for Murphy to learn would be 2B where the Mets are walking on thin ice with Luis Castillo and Alex Cora. Both are aging, poor defenders who have declining offense skills (although Castillo is still decent) and are constant injury risks. Murphy is a hard worker and projects to be a decent major league bat (In his 707 MLB PAs his wRC+ is slightly above average at 103). He has had a good UZR of 2.3 at 1B previously and with his work ethic could be a average 2B in the field with average to above average bat for 2B. This would also allow the Mets to keep Tejada and Havens in the minors longer to develop or even possibly challenge Murphy for the 2B job in the near future.

Even if Murphy is beaten in Spring Training by Tejada or Havens in a couple of years his value would have to be as a super sub, like Super Joe and Miguel Cario. He would then be able to play 1B, 2B, 3B, LF, and RF and would provide not terrible to above average defense at the various positions. Murphy's versatility would also give him more value for a possible trade. If they Mets do decide to keep him they would have a deep bench for a while with possibles Pagan, Havens, Tejada, Martinez, Carter, Evans, Hessman, Thole, Santos, Riggans and Pridie all relatively close to being able to perform at the major league level. This is not even to mention the blocked and young but talented group of Captain Kirk, Lutz, Bowman and Duda. So if Murphy would like to be a key part of the Mets for the future or a starter on another team he needs to increase his value by playing 2B.

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