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Are The Mets Going To Pull A Tim Tebow In The Draft?

The brightside of having a terrible season, like the Mets did in 2009, is that you get to pick high in the draft. In this coming draft, the Mets will select 7th, the highest they've picked since taking Philip Humber 3rd overall in 2004, and much higher than last year's first pick, 72nd overall. 

Today at Baseball Prospectus, Kevin Goldstein took a crack at predicting who might take whom in the top 10. His comment for the Mets was...interesting:

Multiple sources indicated that the Mets will "go off the board," or "pull a surprise" at No. 7. While one of the remaining college arms might be the more obvious choice, three sources indicated a connection between the Mets and Cal State Fullerton shortstop Christian Colon. While this draft is filled with players generating highly divergent scouting reports, maybe nobody has brought more wide-ranging opinions than Colon.

I mention Tim Tebow, tongue-in-cheek, but Colon figures to be equally divisive, if the pick does happen. Goldstein goes on to quote divergent scouting reports; one scout praised his power and fundies, another called him fat and compared him to Ronnie Belliard. For Cal State-Fullerton this season, Colon has a 1.047 OPS with 12 HR in 38 games. He's also 8-11 in stolen base attempts. You can view his earlier stats on baseball cube.

So are the Mets trying to find a creative way to remain needlessly cheap in the draft, despite having a very high pick? Or do they think Colon is an offense-first shortstop of the Gordon Beckham mold, someone they can slot into second base within a year? To add to the ridiculous Tebow comparison, and maybe explain the Mets' infatuation, it's worth noting he was the first player to ever wear the captain's "C" on a Team USA jersey, while playing for the Collegiate National Team. 

Here's some high-quality video of his swing and fielding mechanics: