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Hoping For A Brawl

Yesterday's game got a little chippy, with Francoeur's hit-by-pitch and Mejia's retaliation against Chase Utley. Add in a few high-and-in fastballs to David Wright and some fake-gangsta stares from Jerry Manuel, and Ron Darling's half-serious prediction of a brawl this weekend seems feasible. Strictly strategically-speaking, today is probably the best day for a bench-clearing fight, as the pitching matchup favors the Phils. Having someone break Halladay's concentration by punching him in the face might become necessary.

I invented a stat to find the best fighter on the Mets, which considers height, weight, isolated power, arm tattoos, experience with Carlos Zambrano, and appearances on the Mitchell Report. Henry Blanco was the only player to come out with a positive value (5.6). There's a poll on who would be the Mets best fighter, and personally, I'm torn between either catcher and Chip Hale.