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Chris Carter Applesauce - The Animal Has Arrived, Reyes Copies Wright, Citi Field's Garbage Problem

Some good news: Smithtown's Own is gone, Chris "The Animal" Carter is up.

Some bad news: The Mets lead MLB in infield flyball %. (via nmigliore Twitter)

Meet the Mets

Frank Catalanotto states that this might be the end of his career. If so, he had a nice run -- from 2000-2007 he was a solid major league player. Brian Costa reminds us of Carter's notorious work ethic. Hopefully his intensity will be a boon to the team. Rob Neyer remains skeptical about Carter.

Jerry Manuel says it's unlikely Josh Thole will get a start in the absence of Henry Blanco, who was placed on the bereavement list to be with his sick mother.

The New York Times reports on the noticeable Citi Field garbage problem. Dave Howard, Mets VP and usual spokesman, provided this LOL quote about the situation:

"It’s sort of good now that there is debris to be blown out there. It shows people are spending some money and buying food and drink and enjoying themselves."

You can't make this stuff up. Jason Fry also had a laugh about it.

Jose Reyes was ejected after striking out on what was almost certainly a strike. Seemed like he was more frustrated with himself than angry about the call. Regardless it wasn't a smart move.

Dave Singer asks what to do with Jeff Francoeur? His suggestion of some days off is a good start.

MetsGrrl provides a guide on how to dress for baseball in bad weather.

UniWatch relays another funny Keith Hernandez story.

Hang in there, Toby Hyde.

Around MLB

The Phillies beat the Rockies 9-5, as Gload exploded. An MRI on Troy Tulowitzki's quad revealed no major injury, but expect him to sit for a couple days.

John Smoltz failed to qualify for the U.S. Open.

Garret Anderson is the Dodgers' version of GMJ. Two of my favorite Dodgers blogs, Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness and Memories of Kevin Malone, weigh in on the topic.

Despite his clubhouse nap, Ken Griffey Jr. supposedly is not about to be released, per Jon Heyman.

Outside of MLB

Fun trivia question I heard this weekend -- which five U.S. Presidents have last names ending with a vowel? And the letter "y" is not a vowel.