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We Believe In Comebacks Applesauce - Carter Is Clutch, Francoeur Is Upset, Phillies Are Dirty Cheaters

Rule #1 in the Mets roster management handbook the last few seasons has been "When in doubt, play the veteran." The Carter-for-Catalanotto swap is a rare move that defies that credo, and a big reason why last night's win was so damn satisfying. It wasn't just a player delivering a clutch hit to win a game -- it was a shot fired at a stubborn front office which employed Marlon Anderson, Julio Franco and Guillermo Mota while casting aside the likes of Ruben Gotay, Nick Evans and Heath Bell. Or maybe I'm just looking for meaning where there is none.

Meet the Mets

Chris Carter delivered when called upon last night and teammates are already saying his attitude is infectious. Ken Davidoff wonders if Carter can be the next AAAA sensation, a la Kevin Maas.

Mark Simon at ESPNNewYork uses some crazy acronyms called FIP and BABIP to analyze Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese thus far.

Jeff Francoeur is angry that the Phillies have gained three extra home games due to the G-20 Summit in Toronto. When Frenchy gets angry, he, umm, flies Delta?

Andrew Marchand deserves some kind of award for breaking ranks with the New York media circle jerk in pointing out Francoeur's struggles over the last month or so. Of course, Marchand couldn't deviate from the "blame the superstar" rule, and had to throw this in at the end of his post:

David Wright has been the biggest problem. He entered Tuesday night, having struck out nine times on this homestand.

Out Machine Gary Matthews Jr. remains on the roster and Jerry Manuel offered lukewarm support. GMJ is the only remaining member of the Terrible Three.

Brian Mangan points out that even the best players are streaky. The platitude that Wright is an unusually streaky player has always bothered me so this post was enjoyable.

Joe Janish wants to know what's wrong with Jose Reyes.

Check out TedQuarters for a picture of Pelfrey and John Maine with their biker gang.

The next Amazin' Tuesday event will be held on May 18 at Two Boots Tavern at Grand Central Station. Those attending include Greg Prince and Jason Fry of FAFIF, Jon Springer of Mets By The Numbers, Taryn Cooper of My Summer Family and Josh Wilker of Cardboard Gods.

Around MLB

The Phillies have been warned by MLB for stealing signs. Their bullpen coach was seen using binoculars to look at the Rockies' catcher, Miguel Olivo, during Monday's Phils-Rockies game. Unsurprisingly, notorious bush league ballplayer Shane Victorino is at the center of the controversy as well. In all seriousness, sign stealing is just part of the game but the use of binoculars and a bullpen phone is a bit seedy.

The Braves will retire Tom Glavine's number.

SportsAngle and Hardball Talk examine the double standard that exists regarding the treatment of those caught using PEDs in MLB vs the NFL.

The MLB Network's ratings aren't so hot. Worse than the Golf Channel and Versus, in fact.

Outside MLB

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight unveiled a new statistic: VORJ, or Value Over Replacement [Supreme Court] Justice. No politics is generally the rule here, but this is worth sharing. Silver was one of the founders of Baseball Prospectus.