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Make It Stop Applesauce - Mets swept by Florida, Kiko cut, Minaya travels to ATL, Igarashi rehab

My thanks to James for his outstanding work last week filling in for me during my law school finals. It was a huge help James!

Meet the Mets

So, the Mets have now lost five games in a row after getting swept out of Florida. But hey, at least we can laugh about our manager. Or the 1996 Mets.

Just in case you were curious, here are a few names to toss around to replace John Maine and Oliver Perez in the Met rotation.

Jerry still thinks that Fernando Nieve can make it as a setup man. It's too bad that the guy who was going to pitch in those high leverage situations is getting rocked in rehab appearances.

Omar is staying with the team on the trip to Atlanta, for what that's worth.

Jeff Francoeur has been terrible. Mike Jacobs-terrible.

So was Kiko Calero who the Mets released.

Brendan Bilko points out once again that David Wright is losing at-bats to Luis Castillo. Speaking of David Wright, there may be a correlation between the beaning and the strikeouts.

For $66 million the Mets got Jason Bay's talent AND his hustle.

And, finally, be sure to check out Blue & Orange's Open Mic Night this Thursday at River.

Around MLB

Some minor Phillie transactions to pass along. Brad Lidge is back on the DL, bringing Antonio Bastardo to the majors. The Phillies may DFA Wilson Valdez.

Carlos Delgado is off crutches and wants to play in July in MLB. There is absolutely no way this can happen, is there?

The Nationals have called up their promising pitcher/first round draft choice Stephen Strasburg Drew Storen. Meanwhile, future Nat first round choice Bryce Harper's "cockiness" proves to just be the opposition's jealousy.

George Steinbrenner made a rare public appearance at the dedication of a high school bearing his name.

The Common Man puts together an awesome post on the ends of Hall of Fame careers.

Now that the Rays have cut Pat Burrell, what can we all learn about the experience?

Outside MLB

Last year, the geniuses at Pimlico banned coolers filled with alcohol, leading to a drop in attendance from 112,222 to 77,850. This year, they decided to capitalize on the monopoly: all you can drink beer.