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All Sausage So Far Applesauce - Mejia to start in minors, Dickey to start in MLB, Pridie leads Bisons

Meet the Mets

Huzzah, huzzah just when all seems lost yesterday, the Mets go out and win a game and make a rational roster move, moving Mejia down to the minors to re-become a starting pitcher.

In the meantime, the starting rotation will include RA Dickey who now has a locker and Hisanori Takahashi who has had a locker for a while

Maybe Jeff Wilpon's all hands on deck meeting actually accomplished something. But, probably not.

Rod Barajas probably won't break Javy Lopez's single season home run record, but flukes have been known to happen.

Ted Berg reinvigorates his SNY column space with an emotional piece about his brother and baseball's intangibles.

Jason Pridie played a big role in an 11-4 Bison romp over Norfolk.

Around MLB

Drew Storen made his big league debut last night for the Nationals, coming in and striking out Matt Holliday.

Fredi Gonzalez got pretty ticked at Hanley Ramirez's loafing and benched the shortstop.

We now know who to blame for the overall drop in MLB attendance: Florida.

Kansas City finally fired Trey Hillman, Joe Posnanski is happy, but still just doesn't get what they're doing to his team.

"Albert Pujols" attacks a reporter

The Mariners are disappointingly bad.

Outside MLB

I've had fun watching these 15 different mashups of The Big Lebowski, but that's just like my opinion.