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Shadow Manager Applesauce - Bobby V relishing Met analysis, the Batting Stance Guy, Hanley's dogging

Meet the Mets

So, that Mejia demotion to stretch out his arm hasn't happened yet and David Wright can't throw, but at least he can battle swamp monsters.

Not only do we have to hear about the effect of Fred Wilpon's meeting with management, we have to get analysis from the Mets' shadow manager Bobby Valentine. Seriously, every comment this guy makes about the Mets makes headlines.

Meanwhile, in case you forgot the reasons why Jerry Manuel is bad, here are just a few. Oh, and FYI, the Mets have batted the second baseman in the #2 spot all 40 games this year.

And, finally, I was surprised by how entertaining this Ted Berg clip with the Batting Stance Guy is.

Around MLB

A Ryan Howard lawn gnome. No comment.

This Hanley Ramirez dogging it thing isn't going away. Joe Posnanski thinks Fredi Gonzalez had the perfect response to Ramirez's accusations.

The Cubs are giving up on the Carlos Zambrano bullpen experiment.

David Ortiz says that Pedro Martinez says he will pitch again; the Mets are not interested.

Congratulations to the Steinbrenner family for owning the most valuable brand in world sports.

Steve Phillips thinks you don't have what it takes to be a GM.

Outside MLB

On a night of political primaries, former NBA big man Chris Dudley snagged the GOP nomination for governor of Oregon.