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New York Mets Look-A-Likes

Inspired by this post over at the Padres site Gaslamp Ball, as well as Tuesday's pitching matchup in Buffalo I've decided to compile a few Mets look-a-likes that I've noticed so far this season.  Feel free to post some of your own.


                       #1: John Maine & The Verizon Fios Guy

                          6041_medium      4622731089_1d33485216_m_medium

LHP prospect Steven Matz & Pro Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler

610x_medium     4622807989_78d97868b7_m_medium


AA Cult Hero/Buffalo Bison OF Val Pascucci & the oafish yet loveable Benny Baroni (of Home Improvement fame)

Valpascucci_medium      4623431480_db68d8f29b_m_medium


R.A. Dickey & Andy Bernard (Ed Helms)

Ph_285079_medium       Theoffice_andy_medium


Hot Rod Barajas & Alfred Molina

4207_medium        Images_medium 


Mets P.R. Man Jay Horwitz & Teve Torbes

Alg_horwitz_medium       S_1_medium


Tony Bernazard & Mama Fratelli

Alg_bernazard_medium        4622937443_fd31f25783_m_medium


Nick Evans & ???



Fred Wilpon & Pat Riley

Images_medium         Hpg0708_riley_hs_medium    


this wild Animal & that wild animal

7933_medium        Wild-animal-photographs_medium


Howie Rose & the evil Nazi melting guy from Indiana Jones

Rose_howie1_medium        Toht_medium


Alex Cora & the first Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru

4624793241_3b728f54ba_m_medium        Jawaharlal_nehru_medium