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The Angel Pagan Game Applesauce - Triple play, inside the parker not enough for Mets, Melvin as manager in waiting

Meet the Mets

Despite a triple play AND an inside the park home run all involving the SAME player, the Mets lost to the Nationals 5-3. I have a stomach flu right now but it only got worse when I saw the parade of Raul Valdes and Fernando Nieve from the bullpen. What could've been the Angel Pagan game is now meh. 

The Mets have had 10 triple plays in their history.

I mean, what more can we expect though from a roster like this led by a manager like that? I'm seriously tempted to screw it all and start rooting for Buffalo full-time. Just need them to start broadcasting their games on TV. Although, they seem to have injury problems

Bobby Ojeda doesn't like Jerry's bunting either

Jon Heyman says that the next manager is almost certainly going to be Bob Melvin. Dave Singer says why not Chip Hale? Or how about Governor Christie?

Will Brad Holt become the Steve Holt that we've all be hoping for?

Around MLB

After an intense discussion with Andre Dawson, Hanley Ramirez apologized to his teammates and is back on the field.

Jason Heyward is clutch. Brave fans are starting to show some creativity beyond the zombie chop.

The Astros have cut Kaz.

Milton Bradley comes back after a 2 week personal absence and the Mariners lose their fifth straight.

Cuban pitcher Yunesky Maya is now available for free agent bidding.

The real measure of a player's grission? How long it takes him to get up from a shot to the nuts.

Outside MLB

Ghosts are busted at the NYC Public Library.