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Maine's Mechanics Applesauce - Mets pull Maine early, Carter is quote/hitting machine, Igarashi may be back

Meet the Mets

No major news as of yet regarding John Maine, but some good stuff regardless. For one, Manuel/Warthen pulled him while he still had a no-hitter intact. Second, Warthen says that Maine has a bad track record of lying to the training staff. So, now what?

We can look at the minor leagues for an in-house solution. Conveniently, Toby Hyde has put together his first quarter review of the Met farm system. 

David Wright's numbers with two strikes have taken a nose dive.

Chris Carter needs to stay permanently.

Some good bullpen stuff to pass along. First, Ryota Igarashi could possibly make a return today. Second, Brian Joura gives a good summary of the sad development of the 2010 Met bullpen. Third, Ted Berg looks to see if Bob Ojeda is right about Fernando Nieve's movement.

Some manager stuff to pass along too. Adam Rossi yearns for the Willie Randolph era. And Jerry Manuel's kid makes me feel bad about hating his dad so much.

And, finally, Wally Backman gets ejected for using some very NSFW words.

Around MLB

The Braves stunned the Reds with a walk-off grand slam, completing a comeback from an 8-1 deficit. 

Jamie Moyer has somehow turned into a good value for the Phillies.

Hanley Ramirez went around to each of his teammates and apologized individually.

The Yankees have their own version of the David Wright Spaceballs helmet.

Somehow, I've missed this story so far. Theo Epstein + disguise + Pearl Jame + sanctimony = awesomeness.

The White Sox may have the worst best beat writer in baseball.

A velociraptor threw out the first pitch at a Memphis Redbird game and then went on to eat several children. Clever girl...

Stephen Strasburg is making some money for those minor league teams

And, finally, Batting Stance Guy displays his knowledge of the Yankees too.