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Oh Happy Day Applesauce - Mets knock Phillies, feuds galore throughout clubhouse, Ike t-shirts for charity

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Meet the Mets

Hooray for us! The Mets thumped the Phillies in the series opener 8-0 and the sun is shining a little brighter in Charlottesville this morning. Judging by the last Philly series, that will last until tonight.

All I know is that we need to chip in and buy tickets for Greg Prince to keep him going to home games.

This Darryl Strawberry story is pretty funny to me. He kind of is coming off as the cranky family member who keeps showing up at things and forcing people to listen to his stories. 

Speaking of feuds inside the Met clubhouse, Randy Niemann says it's his fault and everything is now good.

Baseball Digest has a really great story about the Mets' acquisition of Rusty Staub.

Ike Davis has adopted the "I Like Ike" thing for a good cause.

Around MLB

The vomiting Phillie fan has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

The Nationals have apparently made a decision on who to select with the #1 overall pick in next month's amateur draft. All signs point to Bryce Harper.

What does Jayson Werth's free agency have in store?

Hideki Irabu has been arrested for a DUI in California.

Baseball-Reference has put together the players who put together the highest WARs to end their career. Here are the hitters. And here are the pitchers.

The Dodgers are suing actor Jon Lovitz over Lovitz's failure to pay $100,000 for his season tickets. Lovitz claims that the check is in the mail... yes... that's ticket.

The Cardinals and what appears to be the entire state of Missouri are getting behind a campaign to award Stan Musial the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

And, finally, the Marlins new ballpark will honor Dolphin Stadium's famous seat-covering tarp.