The Unwritten Rules of AA

(This is an unofficial guide to get-to-know AA. I believe one of the aspects to participate in the AA community is to understand the memes, inside jokes, stories and when members making fun of each other, all in good spirit.)

Now for those who recently joined AA, get out of my mound / lawn / basement.

1. Do not talk about "TRAID THE CORE"

2. Do NOT talk about "TRAID THE CORE"

2.1 Do YES talk about "TRAID Tha COEUR"

2.2 Do NOT talk about ongoing no-no during gamethreads

3. We are AA, not "Tim Kurkjian wannabes" (apply to get your AA Amex card)

4. AA is group therapy

5. AA does not retreat, AA does not surrender

6. Anonymous can be senseless monster who edit your posts and strikethrough your opinions

7. AA is still able to drink beer of the game or milkshakes

8. There are real rules about posting

9. There are real rules about moderation (Hello, flag button)

10. If you enjoy Metsblog comment section — DON'T

11. All your carefully picked arguments will be easily ignored if no subject line

12. Anything you said can and will be used against you

13. Anything you said can be turned into something else

14. (Gentlemen) Do not feed the trolls — it means that they win. "88 winz I say!" battle Leverage Index

15. The harder you try the higher is your grission

16. If you fail in epic proportions, it may just become a winning meme

17. Every win is Jerry's fail

18. Everything that can be labeled can be MS Painted

19. The more you screw it up, the better it gets

20. Nothing is to be taken seriously

21. Original content is original only for a few seconds before becoming Francoeur Avenue

22. FrancoeurAvenue is made to ruin every last bit of originality

23. FrancoeurAvenue is made to ruin every last bit of originality

24. Every reply is always a reply of a reply, unless you reply fail

25. Relation to reality decreases with every single made-up story

26. Any topic can be easily turned into game, movies, puppies thread

27. Always question a person's injury without any real reason. That's poor, BDMF. That's poor.

28. Always question a person's gut - just in case it's really June

29. In the internet all 2 girls are Mets fans and all kids are overhyped prospects

30. There are no girls on the internet (Exception: you have talked to David Wright on the phone or you watch Grey's Anatomy). Undeniable proof

31. STATS or GTFO - the choice is yours

31.1 Savez, RBI'z and W-L (for pitchers) are not considered STATS

32. You must have MS PAINTS to prove your statements

33. Rec more - it's never enough

33.1 Lobby more - it's never enough

34. There is MS Paints of it, no exceptions

35. If no MS Paints is found at the moment, it will be made

36. Our GM will always do even more fucked up trades than what you just saw

37. You can not divide by zero (just because it's small sample size)

38. No real limits of any kind apply for R. A Dickey entendres - not even the sky



41. "Who?" jokes are still funny. Seriously guys. It's better than Livan jokes

42. Drinking is Sacred

43. The more beautiful and pure a thing is - the more satisfying it is to say this should really be a fanshot

44. Even one positive comment about the Rays can make you a RaysGeek

45. When one sees a lion, it's just Jose Reyes haircut

46. There is always a vest for him

47. The sitebot is always close

Feel free to add the missing ones, modify the current ones, suggest links or else. Based on the Rules of the Internet.

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