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Golden Goose-Egg Applesauce - Mets shut out Phillies for series, Nieve to start, possible Fonzie rerun

Meet the Mets

Last night's was a game to stay up late for. As the Gary Cohen-labeled Goose-Egg Sweep fittingly closed out Awesomestock, it also reinvigorated a great deal of us. It also allowed us to watch the Philly blogs gnash their teeth a little bit.

The Mets are off to an all-time pace in terms of their home and away splits. Could it be that "Citi Ball" doesn't really translate to other parks

One thing is certain, this team is starting to look like a two-face. Of course, that other side of the face isn't helped much by having Fernando Nieve start a game against Milwaukee.

On the injury front: Carlos Beltran's return won't be until after the All-Star break at the earliest and Jon Niese will make a rehab start in Port St. Lucie.

Mike Hessman hit two homers, including a walkoff shot, to lead Buffalo over Toledo.

Edgardo Alfonzo wants to come back. Maybe someone can take Michael Ganci's writing job and explain to him why it's not a good idea. If you don't feel like infiltrating, you can just point him to this article.

I don't know if these jerseys top Omir Santos' t-shirt, but they're close.

Ted Berg talked to future Met GM Nelson Figueroa.

Around MLB

Chipper Jones says he is not totally sold on playing in 2011.

Jason Heyward is a baseball player while Jeff "The Natural" Francoeur probably should have stuck to football.

In the least shocking story of the day, Pat Burrell is talking with the Giants about a roster spot.

Yuniesky Betancourt is eerily similar to his new manager Ned Yost.

I think we can all agree that we're seeing and hearing a little too much from Joe West.

Granted, this catch is from a Cubs fan, but still.

Outside MLB

Sam the Eagle + American Woman + Waldorf & Stadler = happiness.