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Main Hub Applesauce - Santana, Mets rocked by Phillies, Beltran may really run this time, Strasburg to AAA

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Did the Mets play yesterday? I can't seem to remember...

Meet the Mets

Johan Santana walked Jamie Moyer with two outs and the bases loaded. The Mets have now issued three bases-loaded walks to pitchers in the last year, two of them to Moyer. In case you wanted to feel better, even the 1986 Mets couldn't beat Moyer.

Carlos Beltran will start running soon and the Mets hope to have him back by the end of May. Stop me if you've heard that already.

Ted Berg talked with Wilmer Flores

So, besides working out with the Situation, what did David Wright do to bulk up this offseason?

Daniel Murphy will get some time with first-place Buffalo before returning to the Mets. The Bisons won their fifth straight thanks to a Chris Carter walkoff

I had some fun with YouTube over the weekend and stumbled across a 1985 tribute video to Rusty Staub. Just wow.

With the sheer grission of Miguel Olivo, the Rockies have a spare catcher in Chris Iannetta and Megdal wants in.

Around MLB

The Nationals don't really care if Bryce Harper is too cocky. I'm hoping that Nyjer Morgan can teach him to harness it.

One more bit of Nat news, Stephen Strasburg probably made his last double-A start this weekend and will be promoted to triple-A

Billy Wagner is expecting to retire after this year. Meanwhile, semi-retired John Smoltz is trying to qualify for the U.S. Open. I'm guessing that he has better luck with his 9 iron than with other types of irons.

The other retirement of semi-note will be Bengie Molina.

Baseball parity in graph form.

The Mariners have released Eric Byrnes after Byrnes pulled the bat back on a suicide squeeze.

The MLB Players' Union is considering a boycott of the Arizona Fall League over the new immigration law

Henry Schulman is upset that ESPN features New York so frequently. Me too, although that's mainly because I'd rather hear GKR.

And, finally, the MLB blogosphere in graph form with a mention of "Amazing Avenue" as the "main hub of the Mets network."