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Harwell RIP Applesauce - Tiger broadcaster passes away, Met's bench bad, Bay's neighbors happy

Meet the Mets

Even at 15-12, the Mets have significant areas where they can improve. For one thing, the bench is horrendous. What's even worse is that there are plenty of options inside the organization that would represent improvements, but management insists on standing pat

The starting pitching has been a strength so far, but that is susceptible to all sorts of problems, such as a potential Mike Pelfrey injury

But, enough of the negative stuff. How about some good old-fashioned boyhood hero/good neighbor stuff from Jason Bay. Or a Buffalo Bison walkoff win on a wild pitch

In another interesting story, David Wright has declined to join Cliff Floyd's lawsuit against former financial advisors Kolinsky-Hill.

Duaner Sanchez will continue to pitch in professional baseball

Dave Singer asks if it's time to consider Pedro Feliciano as an all-time great Met. It's kind of sad that Feliciano could be considered among the best players in a team's 40 year history. Love the guy, but still, he's a lefty specialist.

John Sickels has his mock draft up with the Mets taking Georgia Tech's Deck McGuire with the #7 pick. Elsewhere in SBNation, the MLB Power Rankings have the Mets at 11.

Section 518 has some apt comments, particularly about the nauseating amount of talk on national television broadcasts about the Mets' chemistry.

Around MLB

The great Ernie Harwell has passed away after his battle with cancer. I have never heard the man call an inning of baseball, but I was still touched by this man's life and legacy. I was not alone. Tons of great stories about Harwell's amazing life and the impact he had on others. Rob Neyer. Joe Posnanski weighs in as well. Craig Calcaterra too

The Phillies managed to pull one out against the Cards and managed to apprehend another uncaged fan, this time without a taser

Philadelphia has lost Ryan Madson for eight weeks due to toe surgery. Also, Ibanez's bat speed is slow.

Strasburg to AAA is now official.

Bobby Cox made an appearance at my old workplace

And, finally, Tom Verducci laments the lack of bat on ball action.