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Mets wOBA By Position

The advanced batting statistic wOBA (weighted on-base average) is one of the best around. What's more, it's scaled to on-base percentage so it's pretty user-friendly. Average wOBA is in the .330-.340 range, a poor hitter is .300 or lower and a great hitter is up near .400. Here are the Mets' wOBA by position, with approximate NL average wOBA and the Mets league rank also listed (through Wednesday's games):


Some quick bullet thoughts:

  • Met catchers are 4th in the NL in slugging but just 15th in on-base percentage. This is a nice demonstration of the importance of not making outs. Regardless, it's tough to complain with Rod Barajas and Henry Blanco's overall contributions thus far.
  • It's been a down year so far for NL left fielders, to say the least. As a group they're hitting worse than any other position, after being 2nd only to first basemen in 2009. Horrendous production from Carlos Lee, Jason Bay, Mark DeRosa, Jonny Gomes and the Melky Cabrera/Matt Diaz tandem is to blame.
  • According to rest-of-season ZiPS, the Mets should improve offensively, in varying degrees, at the following positions: second base, shortstop, left field and center field. The Mets should decline offensively at the following positions: third base and right field. Catcher and first base performance should remain consistent.
  • Let's boo David Wright he's totally suckage.

The previously mentioned Carlos Lee isn't the only Houston Astro struggling. It's no secret that the Astros lineup has been a total joke, but check out just how bad it's been:


More bullet points:

  • At six of the eight non-pitcher positions, they've been the worst or 2nd worst in the league.
  • Their pitchers have hit better than their catchers, left fielders and right fielders.
  • Center fielder Michael Bourn is the only above average position player.
  • This is a terrible organization but I can't help but think the offseason signing of notorious dirtbag Brett Myers brought them some bad karma.