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Bengie Applesauce - Molina visits Mets for first time, Kiko struggles, Wright's chance for revenge

Meet the Mets

Bengie Molina makes a visit to Citi Field tonight for the first time since the Mets' strange offseason courtship of the catcher. Is anyone upset that the Mets snagged Rod Barajas for about a quarter of the price (including bonuses)? Oh, and in case you want another giant plastic cup for your collection at home, you should probably buy a ticket

Tonight's game is also the first chance at revenge for David Wright against the team that beaned him and forced this humiliation upon him.

Kiko Calero has been bitterly disappointing thus far in Buffalo. However, we should probably learn the name John Lujan.

Patrick Flood presents to us the Met season thus far.

Around MLB

Philadelphia Hall of Famer Robin Roberts passed away at the age of 83. Joe Posnanski, as usual, presents the man behind the legend.

Bill Baer is tired of his city being stereotyped. Speaking of stereotypes, once again, minority players are the target of the lack of hustle criticism.

Washington pitcher Scott Olsen had a no hitter going into the 8th.

Lance Berkman says that if he were the Houston GM, he'd consider trading himself. Houston GM Ed Wade says that if he were the Houston first baseman, he'd try hitting .350.

In a story I missed yesterday, Eric Byrnes is going to play slow pitch softball.

Hank Aaron and Willie Mays apparently do not get along.

Indians announcer Bruce Drennan has the greatest post game wrap up I've ever seen.

Crawfish Boxes shows you what you should be looking for in pitcher's mechanics.

Morgan Ensberg pretends to be Jerry Crasnick and talks about the unwritten rules.

Five numbers on what you can expect for the rest of the season.

Outside of MLB

More wiffleball video, this time from 1979. Some language NSFW.