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Washed Away Applesauce - Mets to play two, more draft analysis, Maine rehab, Franco's kid

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Meet the Mets

With yesterday's game getting rained out and a double header today, there's not too much to talk about on the field. However, there's still plenty of reactions about the Mets' draft. Michael Salfino for SNY says that the Mets were playing it smart and efficient with their draft choices. Speaking of smart and efficient draft choices, the Mets picked John Franco's son in the 42nd round who promptly said no thanks and will go to Brown University. Also, Joe Janish gives us a scouting report on Matt Harvey (it's not positive). 

Ted Berg encourages the Mets to not be overanxious buyers with the likes of Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt. The Mets appear to be listening, instead looking to be overanxious buyers with the likes of Jake Westbrook.

John Maine will get a rehab start on Sunday for Binghamton

Patrick Flood points out that Ike Davis is something new for Met fans: a slugging first baseman.

Tom Verducci lists the Mets as a turnaround team with "eyes on October" but warns of Reyes' slump and Santana's low K numbers.

The new Met-designed apparel is available at the shop and it's awesome again.

It appears as though we have Joe Petruccio to thank for the Met racing stripe in the 80s.

With Buffalo playing in Durham this week, the Dish takes us for a mini-tour of Crash Davis's former home.

Around MLB

There is still Strasburg fallout coming down. A hamburger, record-setting local TV ratings, and Letterman. Oy. It looks like Strasburg might have Dunn giving him run support for another couple years as well.

Bobby Valentine is talking to Baltimore about their managerial opening.

This story is great because it has both draft day nepotism AND Ozzie Guillen being pissed off.

One more draft story for today and that is Shoeless Joe's great, great nephew getting picked.

Outside of MLB

Not sure this qualifies as outside MLB, but look at Rex Ryan's intensity in throwing out that first pitch. Nicely done.