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The View From Your Seat: Mets vs Orioles, 6/13/2010

Longtime AA-er IanB In MD sent us this shot from Section 42 during Sunday's matinee between the Mets and Orioles at Camden Yards. That's his daughter, Solveig, and this was her first ballgame. A Mets win, so it's all downhill from here.

(click to embiggen)

More pics after the jump. Lots of AA-ers in attendance.

Michelle snapped this shot from Section 58, Row 1, with Jose Reyes batting in the top of the first.

(click to embiggen)

Anthony sent this one from Section 34, Row 6, Seat 7.

(click to embiggen)

joshuahist snagged this one from Section 82, Row 5, Seat 9.

(click to embiggen)

Send the view from your seat to and if it's good we'll post it on the site. Include date of game and your section (or location) from when the photo was taken.