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Can I Start Believing Applesauce? - Mets sweep Orioles, 1 game behind Braves, Beltran returning soon

Thanks to the Orioles, the Mets swept their first road series since 2008 and are now just 1.5 games behind division-leading Atlanta. The series win finally may have signaled the end of the Mets' road suckitude

In other action, Fernando Martinez has returned, Mike Antonini is making some noise, and Brad Holt continues to struggle big time

To finish off the Met minor league stuff: John Sickels gives the Met draft a big old "meh"

The Carlos Beltran news is starting to get a little exciting, with Jerry talking about him coming back as a DH during interleague play. In less exciting injury news, John Maine survived his rehab start.

Oswalt has decided that the Mets are an acceptable destination.

There is no way that the Mets extending Rod Barajas would turn out to be a good decision.

Peter Gammons says that the Met organization is fiercely loyal to their GM, a sign of Minaya's outstanding leadership skills.

YES vs. SNY.

And, finally, Jerry Manuel's doppleganger.

Around MLB

The Orioles brought in Bobby Valentine to talk about their managerial opening, but there is apparently no rush to make a decision.

Stephen Strasburg made his second start and his first on the road in DC's win over Cleveland. Beyond the fastballs and the curveballs, the game featured Adam Dunn plowing into Cleveland's Carlos Santana.

An ESPN poll ranked Jim Joyce as MLB's best umpire with CB Bucknor being its worst.

The Dodgers are taking their positive mojo and signing Kiko Calero.

The two Chicago teams flirted with a double no-hitter.

Beyond the Box Score shows some examples of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, or whatever.

Remember Brandon Webb? Or how about Matt Murton?

Outside of MLB

Well, kind of outside. Several MLB teams are set to honor Peanuts on their 60th anniversary.