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Draftee Signing Day Applesauce - Megdal for Met GM, Maine's rehab start, Beltran back to center field

Meet the Mets

Things are definitely looking up for the Mets these days. They've got outstanding baserunning, top-flight prospects hitting walk-off grand slams in the minors, and a starting rotation that has exceeded all expectations. Amidst all this, Howard Megdal announced his campaign to run for Met GM, promising logic, transparency, and passion. Ted Berg notes the inconvenient timing for Megdal. But, then again, Howard can just point to what the Met roster was supposed to look like on day 1.

The Mets have signed a wave of their newly drafted young people. has video from John Maine's rehab start in Binghamton. No radar gun though.

Anthony DiComo believes that Carlos Beltran will reclaim the starting center field job when he returns from the DL.

Amidst all the home runs and the leadership and the intangibles, Rod Barajas still has a WAR of only  0.8.

It sounds like the Islanders' plans to move to Queens are now more than simply a bargaining chip against the Town of Hempstead.

Reese Havens is having trouble staying on the field long enough to continue his progress as a baseball player.

Around MLB

It looks like the Mets are going to miss out on the Roy Oswalt sweepstakes, but the Bobby Valentine chase may still be on.

Fans cheered an earthquake during the Padre-Blue Jay game.

The Nationals have one sure thing all-star in Ryan Zimmerman, but do they have another in Stephen Strasburg?

The Marlins have run into some opposition from PETA over their plans to have a plate glass fish tank behind home plate.

How is it that Chase Utley has managed to avoid the ire of Philadelphia fans? Here's my opinion.

David Eckstein inspires me to be a better man.

Jason Kendall has been playing A LOT.

Texas officials are still trying to figure out what to do with the ancient Astrodome. One suggestion is for it to become a science center with a planetarium.

Outside of MLB

A wiffleball bachelor party and a call for the greatest wiffle fields in the country.