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Half Game Applesauce - Mets take opener from Tribe, GMJ gone, Cliff Lee talks

Meet the Mets

The Mets may have Jim Joyce to thank for getting Jason Donald into last night's lineup, but whichever way you look at it, the Mets gave Johan some road run support and are now 0.5 game out of first place. It basically looks like the late 1990s all over again.

Plus, Gary Matthews is officially out of the Met organization

It wouldn't be an Applesauce if it only had good news, though. John Maine's rehab may last longer than expected and Carlos Beltran may play with a Luis Castillo-like limp.

But, there's also some neutral news and analysis. For example, here's FanGraphs' analysis of Jason Bay's 2010 power outage.

Or the story that the Mets and Mariners have had "serious talks" about trading for Cliff Lee. The hang up continues to be the Mariners' demand that Jon Niese be included. Please hold your ground Omar, so that you may actually earn this John Harper praise.

Kevin Burkhardt's hard hitting questions of Jerry Manuel inspire wishful thinking.

Around MLB

There were several sources hinting that Chipper Jones was considering retirement following this season. I'm going to have to disagree with Ted Berg on this one. I may be masochistic or something but Larry has been a perfect enemy for Met fans. Great stories need great villains and he was and continues to be a great villain for the Mets.

Roy Halladay was not really very perfect against the Yankees and the Phillies are in phree phall.

Not even errant throws in the head can keep Albert Pujols down.

Mike Cameron is the type of player who you miss when he's gone.

The Tigers released defensive specialist Adam Everett.

Mark Mulder officially retires.

Oh man, the Rays are the opening act for Vanilla Ice at the Trop.