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Cleveland Rocks Applesauce - Mets thump Tribe pitching, streaky hitters, Moyer puzzles Yanks

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Meet the Mets

Chalk another win up for the red-hot Mets who are getting it done against what Greg Prince calls "other peoples' problems".

R.A. Dickey takes the mound tonight for New York. Dickey explained that his previous experience as a pitcher makes his knuckler go faster.

Joe Janish thinks the Mets should take a flyer on newly released Pirate Akinori Iwamura. FanGraphs takes a hard look at Iwamura as well.

Randy Shemanski presents a cogent argument for Mejia being in the minors at the Daily Stache.

Mark Cohoon threw his third straight complete game shutout for Savannah.

Speaking of streaks, Ted Berg wonders whether or not David Wright is exceptionally streaky or if he's just the norm.

Around MLB

Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher in history to defeat the New York Yankees as the Phillies doubled up the Yanks 6-3.

Apparently there are two ways to bring Stephen Strasburg down to earth. 1) Feed him extraordinary amounts of food, or 2) have him strike more guys out.

The Pirates committed 6 errors in a game last night. Ouch.

If you're curious, Biz of Baseball has the MLB Constitution and By-laws available online.

Good baseball players will be in Kansas City in 2012.

Buck Showalter is added to the Oriole managerial candidate list.

Outside of MLB

The World Beer Pong Tour has set its tournament's top prize at $25,000. Good luck all.