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Joel Sherman Keeps Hammering The Mets On Mejia

It's all Mejia, all the time. While most of baseball writers in the tri-state area declared "It's Mejia Time", Joel Sherman of the New York Post has thankfully been relentless in his criticism of the Mets' handling of Jenrry Mejia. Here are some snippets from his blog post today:

So much is breaking positive for the Mets, but not having the youngest pitcher in the NL in the minors honing his craft to help at some future point just falls under the category of DUMB. His value to the 2010 Mets – as a pitcher or a trade chip – is being diminished.

The Mets could not really have envisioned this as a development plan for Mejia: That by mid-June he would be a mop-up man with a far inferior role to Elmer Dessens.

There's more to read, definitely click through for the whole thing. The Mets front office is apparently very aware of media coverage of the team. This is why I spend a lot of time concerning myself with the opinions of the New York sports media elite. It's also why one of the most well-known columnists in New York deserves praise for his perseverance on the Mejia debacle. Keep pluckin' that chicken, Joel.