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9 Jeff Francouers Applesauce - Mets better w/o dead weight, Cliff Lee update, Reyes is awesome

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Meet the Mets

This hot streak is awesome, don't get me wrong, but you've got to be a little pessimistic when Gary Cohen talks about the Mets' lineup taking on Jeff Francouer's approach at the plate instead of exercising patience. (I don't have a link, but I swear he said it). But, still, we can be happy that the team's playing well, particularly after they have shed (at least temporarily) some dead weight. And, we can always hate the Phillies.

The trade market is starting to heat up and the Mets are apparently taking hard looks at the available starting pitchers. Both Ted Berg and FanGraphs are cautious that a big splash is the best move.

Maybe Jose Reyes is starting to return to form finally.

Maybe we should be glad that Jerry is still managing the team, not because of the current hot streak, but because of who the replacement would have been.

Howard Megdal has pulled out his white silk glove and slapped Steve Phillips across the face.

Around MLB

Marty Noble says that Strasburg is the next Doc Gooden. Marty Noble would know.

Some amazing Jason Phillips stories out there. First of all, he's marrying a woman he picked up while sitting in the Mariner bullpen (where he's the catcher). Secondly, he is making weird eye improvement commercials.

Chipper says that the retirement talk will be put on the back burner until the end of the season.

The umpires called back the Astros and the Royals after conferring and overruling the original double play call.

There's some blowback about Kansas City winning the 2012 All Star Game. Bill Simmons and Deadspin are against it. Surprisingly, they weren't pitching the Boston idea.

Apparently, Johan Santana isn't the only New York pitcher who isn't striking guys out anymore.

Congratulations to Michael Young for passing Ivan Rodriguez as the Rangers all-time hits leader.

Looks like the Pirates pulled a Victor Zambrano or something with Aki Iwamura.