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MLB ASG Voting Update: Ok now this is getting embarassing

"Wait, <em>who</em> is the leading NL third base vote-getter?"
"Wait, who is the leading NL third base vote-getter?"

Seriously guys, let's step up here and fix this.  I mean it was a funny story at the first update, "Ha ha, 34 yr old Placido Polanco, back in the NL after 4 years and having posted only 5 homers and 24 RBI's leading the ASG voting, very funny."  But now it's gotten out of control; as of June 15 Polanco still leads Wright by nearly 200,000 votes and with only 2 weeks left in the voting this might actually happen.  Don't let it.  Vote more!

I don't need to explain to any of you what a great year Wright is having.  Yeah I know, Phillies fans are clearly united right now after a few measly years of success but I'm not impressed by that.  But Mets fans have to get going here and earn their stripes.  If this sounds like I'm calling you out, it's because I am.  Prove to me that you're a loyal Mets fan, spend your next 5 minutes voting 25 times for David Wright here.  It's easy, the form even saves your selected players so you can bang them right out.

So let's go, no more excuses, cast some votes for DWright and let's put this ugly matter behind us.