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Mets Want Imported Ace - Mets may have last shot at Chipper, Bobby Parnell, Venezuelan Heritage

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Meet the Mets

Johan Santana hosted a charity bowling event yesterday, rolling a baseball-styled ball, and making a public request for Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt.

Seems as though we've started a little tiff with our friend Brian Mangan. Hopefully we can all get along and not have to leave our mothers' basements for some sort of blogger rumble. As to the original argument, Patrick Flood expresses my point of view better than I ever could.

Howard Megdal writes that the Mets are possibly getting their last shot at several of their all-time rivals.

Toby Hyde weighs in on the Mejia demotion/Parnell promotion.

Brian Joura reminds us about our should-be starting catcher next year: Josh Thole.

Tonight will be Venezuelan Heritage Night at Citi, featuring 8 Venezuelans on the combined rosters. Hugo Chavez will not be in attendance.

Around MLB

Cincinnati's interest in GMJ turns out to be legitimate.

The Nationals have sent opening-day starter John Lannan to Double-A. Wow.

The Tampa Bay Rays may not be in Tampa for much longer.

Somehow, the Orioles still do not have a home run from a first baseman this year.

Congratulations to Scott Strickland for making it back to the Majors

Joe Posnanski has a great piece on that random stat about the Braves and winning a lot/all the time when scoring 5+ runs.

And, finally, a history of baseball scoreboards.