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Thunder After the Lightning Applesauce - Mets jump on Tigers, Beltran to play actual baseball, bowling scores

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Meet the Mets

Finally, the Mets will have Carlos Beltran playing actual live baseball down in Port St. Lucie as part of his rehab. Now, in what seems to me like counting chickens before they hatch, there are several proposed solutions for how to play 4 outfielders in 3 spots. It would seem obvious to me that they need to keep playing Angel Pagan and that his at bats need to come at the expense of Frenchy, but then again, nothing with the Mets is ever that easy.

The Mets scored 8 runs after a rain delay in the third inning. That's a bad performance by the Tigers, but they can take solace in the fact that they were not nearly as bad as the 1993 Marlin grounds crew.

Sources with knowledge of the Met thinking say that the team is interested in renting Cliff Lee and then taking advantage of the two compensatory draft picks he will net them. Ted Berg breaks down the three other big name starters who might be on the move. Meanwhile, FanGraphs makes Kevin Millwood look slightly more appealing.

Alex Cora talks a big bowling game, but can't talk specifics like John Franco and Mike Pelfrey who both boast >200 point games.

Around MLB

Jimmy Rollins is back, but the Phillies just can't keep healthy as Carlos Ruiz is gone.

Atlanta's Brooks Conrad loses a ball in his jersey then continues to lose game.

Brian Bannister continues to be awesome.

Lou Piniella is growing soft on us and seems to miss Seattle.

The Brewers' Brian Bruney experiment didn't last very long.

Joe Smith is back in MLB and Jay Payton is trying his damndest to do so too.