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Scandal Day 2 Applesauce - Santana sexual assault allegations, Seinfeld calls Met game, Dickey is staff saver

Meet the Mets

What a night of Met baseball. Sexual assault allegations,  R.A. Dickey flirting with a shutout, Jerry Seinfeld in the booth, and an injured center fielder. Let's start with the Santana story. I'm still surprised that this took so long to come out and that the media hasn't pounced on this more. It seems like, at the very least, you have a chink in Santana's good-guy image, but, who knows. 

Jerry Seinfeld provided some quality entertainment last night, but also inspired some great headlines around the blogs. Metsradamus here and Fonzie Forever here as well.

Back to actual baseball, R.A. Dickey hopes that his performance so far has discouraged the Mets from looking on the trade market for pitching. In case you were curious, Camden Chat says it would probably take either Jeurys Familia or Captain Kirk or both to land Millwood. This seems consistent with the stories that the Mets are reluctant to give up Niese, Ike, or Mejia.

When I said yesterday that the whole Pagan/Beltran thing was possibly taking the cart before the horse, I didn't expect that it was Pagan who would get hurt. Fortunately, it looks like just a day to day thing, but I will watch my words from now on. Rob Neyer weighed in on what looks like the future Pagan/Francoeur battle.

The Mets continue to bolster Buffalo with intriguing names, this time signing Ramon Ortiz to pitch from the bullpen.

Some more analysis of Jason Bay's slow start at Fangraphs.

Joe Petruccio talks about his creative process and his daily Met journal.

And, finally, Ted Berg points out that Moises Alou still gets hurt all the time, even while retired.

Around MLB

Some significant managerial moves and potential moves went down yesterday. The Marlins have fired Fredi Gonzalez who is getting significant press to become the next manager of the Braves after Bobby Cox's retirement. Meanwhile, Bobby Valentine has withdrawn as a candidate for the Oriole job and has shown significant interest in replacing Gonzalez. 

The Royals handed Stephen Strasburg his first professional loss, beating the phenom 1-0. If that wasn't interesting enough, Ray Knight and Rob Dibble argue over just how awesome they were after the game.

The woman who offered sex for Phillies World Series tickets has her own blog.

Cincinnati is turning Aroldis Chapman into a reliever so that he can make the 25-man roster that much faster. Hahahahahaha.

Alls well that ends well. Pittsburgh has rehired the big mouthed pierogi.

Outside of MLB

John Isner and Nicolas Mahunt make the Mets-Cardinals look like a breeze.