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Puerto Rico Homecoming Applesauce - Beltran sets sight on Marlin series, Mets hope Santana story goes away

Meet the Mets

Despite last night's loss, the Mets had SOME good news surrounding their roster. Most importantly, Carlos Beltran started and played 5 innings and, even though he was held hitless, Jerry's insisting that there's a good chance that he will be in the lineup when the Mets go to his home of Puerto Rico.

But, at the same time, there are more details coming out regarding the Johan Santana sex scandal thing. Bob Raissman thinks that  this is just the beginning of the story. And, the Post has more information than you probably wanted to know about this incident.

Josh Thole up, Raul Valdes down.

Ted Berg summarizes what we need to know about R.A. Dickey.

Mark Simon labels Takahashi the second most watchable pitcher in the Mets rotation. Obviously he wrote that before last night's game.

Around MLB

The Marlins are set to offer their managerial job to Bobby Valentine. Peter Gammons says that the offer is likely to be accepted. FanGraphs also presents a post mortem on the Fredi Gonzalez firing.

With all Nationals games being blacked out on in Charlottesville, Stephen Strasburg's start on Monday Night Baseball might be my first chance to see him.

Wow, check out the thunderstorm that hit the Phillie game.

Bryce Harper gets some appreciation from his local congresswoman on the floor of the House.

And, finally, Doug Glanville waxes poetic on the cutoff man.