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Injury Update: Angel Pagan And Jenrry Mejia

Angel Pagan has suffered a setback and won't start tomorrow night against the Marlins, per Dave Hutchinson of the Star-Ledger. He experienced discomfort while taking batting practice from the left side but says he is fine while batting righthanded. Tomorrow's Marlins starter is righthanded Ricky Nolasco and Tuesday's starter is lefty Nate Robertson. Pagan expects to start vs. Robertson. That would be a welcome sight, considering this situation was starting to resemble the Jose Reyes 2009 saga, albeit in a brief five day period.

Jenrry Mejia was removed from his start for Binghamton today in the second inning due to a stiff shoulder. Anthony McCarron of the Daily News reports that details are sketchy right now. Cross your fingers.