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Royal Applesauce - Mets host a non-Fielder prince, Santana struggles continue, Beltran still out

Meet the Mets

Despite taking 2 of 3 from Minnesota, the biggest Met storyline continues to be Johan Santana and his disappointing 2010 season. Santana contributed to the weekend's one loss and continues to have declining results. A few theories about why include an incomplete recovery from his offseason surgery and teams getting too familiar with Santana's game plan. New York Post's Dan Martin joked that Prince Harry might have a better fastball right now.

After all those optimistic reports, Carlos Beltran will not play in the Puerto Rico series.

Jenrry Mejia's trade value took a big hit after a sore shoulder knocked him out of a game early. However, the Mets continue to be reluctant to move their big prospect.

The Mets are also reluctant to move Angel Pagan

The Kranepool Society took in a Brooklyn Cyclones game and loved Wally-Ball

Toby Hyde thinks the Wilmer Flores promotion to St. Lucie may have been a little premature.

Todd Zeile talks the movie business with the Daily News.

Around MLB

So, not only will Carlos Beltran not be in uniform in Puerto Rico tonight, neither will Bobby Valentine

Some good bad teammate stuff to show you all. First, the Cubs organization has been ignoring Carlos Zambrano since his dugout explosion. Second, BJ Upton dogged it going after a line drive, allowing a triple and raising Evan Longoria's ire.

Congratulations to Billy Wagner on occasion of his 400th save. Too bad it means that the Braves won.

Dave Cameron says that Stephen Strasburg will add juice to the All Star Game. He's right, but the best reason to have him as an All-Star is simply that he gives the NL a better chance to win.

Another knuckleballer who isn't as good as RA Dickey bites the dust.