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San Diego Woe Applesauce - Mets still winless in road series, Murphy hurt at 2B, Feliciano to be promoted

Meet the Mets

So, the Mets gave up another walk-off grand slam in San Diego. Meh. There's so much more going on today than mere wins and losses...

Like Daniel Murphy getting injured on a dirty slide at second base. Or Josh Thole getting hit on the head. Or Luis Castlilo possibly going on the DL

But, it's not all injuries and grand slam walk-offs. There are two home runs from Reese Havens. And the possibility of Jesus Feliciano getting promoted

There's also Matt Cerrone taking it to the streets and urging his readers to fight the man.

But, there's always the Oliver Perez situation hanging over our heads. That always manages to kill whatever optimism I had.

Around MLB

Just an enormous day in MLB last night. In case you hadn't heard, Armando Galarraga should have had a perfect game, but for a blown Jim Joyce call on the 27th out. Some great reactions to this story. First off, Joyce seems to have handled this well, apologizing and not being a punk. But also, check out Galarraga's reaction to the call. It's incredibly classy. Of course, the whole saga brings up the instant replay debate. And there's also the remote chance that Bud Selig can reinstate the perfect game. It also brings some focus on umpiring bias in general. Oh, and lest we forget: Austin Jackson had an amazing catch for the 25th out

And the second major story of the day was put on the back burner due to Galarraga: Ken Griffey Jr. is retiring.

The Braves swept the Phillies. Roy Oswalt still wants to go there, apparently. You'd probably think that the guy would want to go somewhere that doesn't require a fan hunger strike to score runs.

Bryce Harper got ejected from a game for arguing balls and strikes. What a punk...

Brian Bannister is awesome.

And McCovey Chronicles put together the world's greatest choose your own adventure book.