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Two Out Fail Applesauce - Mets struggle to close innings, Flores as centerpiece, Barrett signing

Meet the Mets

The Mets fell to the Marlins, giving up all 7 runs in two two-out rallies. Metsradamus knew the Mets were in trouble when they had the choice of Uggla or Cody Ross. Kevin Kernan kind of argues that Frankie Rodriguez needs to be pitching in higher leverage situations.

In terms of the constant trade rumors, the Mets may have a chance with Cliff Lee if they build a deal around newly promoted Wilmer Flores

In Buffalo Bison news, Dillon Gee had a strong start, beating Syracuse as Jason Pridie returns to the lineup

The  best news of the day is that the Mets signaled their lack of interest in Carlos Zambrano by signing Michael Barrett to a minor league deal.

Greg Prince writes an awesome piece on Ralph Kiner.

Patrick Flood spotlights David Wright's dominance in the unsexy doubles statistic.

Around MLB

As highlighted on last night's Met broadcast, the Marlins have named Edwin Rodriguez as their manager for the remainder of the season.

Tim Hudson has been terrific this year.

The White Sox seem to have honed their trade radar in on the Nationals' Adam Dunn.

Philadelphia has cut Willy Taveras.

A new Viola pitcher is giving it a go at pitching in Minnesota.

Strong reports about Aroldis Chapman's progress as a relief pitcher.

And, finally, Joe Posnanski offers us a wonderful profile of the mischaracterized Bob Gibson.