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SNY Strasburg Applesauce - Nat savior on Met TV, Hessman savors periphery spotlight, female Met pioneer honored

Meet the Mets

Since there was no Major League Met baseball last night all eyes, cameras, and attention were on Stephen Strasburg beating up on the Buffalo Bisons. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, with Mike Jacobs committing two errors to allow a bunch of unearned runs to score, but Metsradamus is wondering if this is the first of many many many more wins against the Met organization for Mr. Strasburg. There is plenty of video of the game to go around. Here's Ruben Tejada singling against Strasburg. Here's Mike Jacobs getting beat along with Ted Berg hoping that Strasburg will be a decent MLB pitcher.

The good news with all the SNY Strasburg hype is that it gave Mike Hessman a chance to be on TV.

How many more times will we have to hear that Johan probably wishes he's still in Minnesota?

The Mets are planning to honor Susan Rich, the first female vendor at Shea Stadium.

Around MLB

For the second consecutive day, the Jim Joyce/Armando Galarraga story gets top billing. Mainly because of the awesomeness of stories like this. People just like redemption and forgiveness. It also is pretty easy to forgive a guy when you get a free Corvette. The people who aren't likely to forgive Joyce as quickly are the fans and Michigan politicians are trying to capitalize on the populist outrage

But, lest we forget the other umpire blunders of the other night. Or the out of proportion outrage this mistake got compared to mistakes that actually cost teams games.

Ken Griffey's retirement just caps a career of being overshadowed.

Chad Cordero is taking Griffey's spot on the Mariner roster.

Benny Hill + Cristian Guzman in the outfield = fun.

The Braves have now won 9 straight.

Willie Taveras has wound up in the Philadelphia minor league system.

Check out the fight that's caused by this over the top home run trot.

The Orioles seem to have had enough with manager Dave Trembley.

Outside of MLB

New York City tax dollars hard at work trying to get LeBron James to sign with the Knicks or Nets.