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Matt Harvey's Mustache Applesauce - Mets select RHP, Feliciano called up, Citi Field's possibilities

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Meet the Mets

The MLB First Year Player Draft was last night and all those watching the MLB Network saw the Mets select UNC's mustachioed RHP Matt Harvey with the #7 pick. Toby Hyde likes taking tall hard throwing pitchers

Plenty of other news as well to pass along, including 31 year old Jesus Feliciano's call up to the Mets. Feliciano has been in the minors for 14 years.

Matt Himmelfarb profiles Wilmer Flores for Joe Janish.

Howard Megdal and Ted Berg weigh in on the Mets and Citi Field. Ted doesn't think that there's too much to see in the home/away splits. Howard can't wait to hear Citi when it's really rocking.

Brian Mangan shoots down some of the common knowledge about Oliver Perez and sunk cost.

Jeff Francouer has once again "changed his approach" at the plate. Patrick Flood uses Francouer as a good example of the overrated/underrated conundrum.

David Wright helping a victim of the Citi Field boo birds.

Around MLB

Lastings Milledge and the Pirates insist that this game against Stephen Strasburg is the same as any other.

The Detroit Free Press has an awesome interview and feature on Jim Joyce.

Joe Posnanski talks horrible contracts and how the Yankees have stopped giving them.

Rays Index turns down Rob Neyer's Sweetspot Network and explains why.

Outside MLB

One of El Duque's half-brothers is having a mini-renaissance with the Nationals. Another is shooting a bunch of people down in Miami.