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So Long San Juan Applesauce - Mets salvage one, Wright deserves credit, Gee's payback

Meet the Mets

The Mets finished up their series with the Marlins by holding on in an ugly, frustrating matchup. The latest turn through the starting rotation has not been one to remember, and continues to build the trade speculation surrounding the team. Nevertheless, the Mets appear to be taking passes on Kevin Millwood and Jake Westbrook.

I have been remiss to provide many David Wright links lately, but to be fair, the Met blogosphere only seems to harp on the guy when he's struggling. He is currently a leading candidate for the NL MVP award and in the middle of one of the greatest months in his career. Nicely done David.

Jose Reyes wants the record to show that he hurt his side, not his back.

Dillon Gee drilled the guy who had the dirty slide against Daniel Murphy.

And, finally, Metsmerized gives us a little update on the other guys involved in the Johan trade.

Around MLB

Bad news for the rest of the National League as Jair Jurrjens has returned and seems to be pitching well again.

The Philly Phanatic is getting sued for injuring a 75-year old woman at a Reading Phillie game. 

Crashburn Alley complains about the amount of DL time the 2010 Phillies have suffered. If you listen real closely, you can hear me playing an incredibly small violin.

The New York Times gives us a wonderfully flashy video on Mariano Rivera's pitching.

Bengie Molina is on the move and, fortunately, it's not to the Mets.

Remixing the RBI Baseball theme song and rapping about retro baseball is awesome and NSFW.

Memories of Kevin Malone gives us a blog post that looks like some of my old PowerPoint presentations or Homer Simpson's website.

Outside MLB

House Democrats thumped John Shimkus and their GOP rivals in the annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game for charity. Shimkus gave up 9 runs in the 7th.