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Community Projection: Carlos Beltran


I tallied up the results of the community projection, removing the lowest and highest projections:


Basically the community thinks he will be Angel Pagan, with more walks and a lower batting average. This would be outstanding. Voltron is playing tonight against righty Matt Cain and will likely sit tomorrow vs. lefty Jonathan Sanchez. Pagan will play right field tonight and probably shift to center tomorrow. Runs please.

ORIGINAL POST - 7/11/2010

With Carlos Beltran scheduled to return Thursday night in San Francisco, I figured a BA/OBP/SLG community projection was in order. Put your projection in the comments and I'll post the average before the Giants series begins. I'll start:


Some other relevant Voltron slash lines:

Career: .283/.360/.496
2009: .325/.415/.500
Preseason CHONE: .282/.366/.498