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MMMBop Applesauce - Mets salvage one, Beltran and Pagan in OF, Francoeur on bench

Meet the Mets

The weekend wasn't a success, but it wasn't a disaster either. Fortunately, Greg Prince showed up on Sunday to salvage one game in the series. While I'm on the topic of this weekend, was I the only one who found Kevin Millar unlistenable? I was actually yearning for Tim McCarver.

Carlos Beltran will make his triumphant return to the Met lineup on Thursday, playing center field and batting fourth and not at 100%. Angel Pagan will play right field. Jeff Francouer is taking it in stride.

Speaking of Jeff Francoeur, The Golden Sombrero posts about Sports Illustrated's delusion.

In minor league news, Oliver Perez walked 5 guys and Jeurys Familia sucked it up in the Futures Game.

Can I just say that Joe Petruccio is getting better and better as the year goes on. He is spot on almost every game now.

Seattle wanted a first baseman badly, demanding Ike Davis in any trade for Cliff Lee. The Mets may still wind up with Roy Oswalt, a nice fallback plan. The Lee deal certainly worked out nicely for the Mariners though.

Around MLB

The Phillies swept the Reds in three walkoff victories. The worst of the three is here.

Ichiro gives one fan the thrill of her life.

Yankees games in 3D. Who will ever want to go visit the big concrete place in the Bronx now? Tickets probably cost as much as the new TV.

Buck Showalter to the Orioles may finally happen.

Jeff Bagwell as Astro hitting coach already has.

Mark Cuban will make a bid on the Texas Rangers, but you shouldn't expect MLB owners to welcome him with open arms.

And, finally, in All-Star news, some good analysis as usual from Joe Posnanski and, more frequently, the New York Times.

Outside MLB

Tommy Hanson is the same "Hanson" as that other Hanson.