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And Batting Fifth Applesauce - Wright starts in ASG, Reyes deja vu, GKR props

Meet the Mets

The All-Star Break doldrums are upon us and besides David Wright batting fifth tonight, we don't have too much news to talk about.  What better time than now to evaluate the Mets? Chris Wilcox gives his set of grades

There's also a good conversation to be had about the Mets' approach with Jose Reyes. David Wright doesn't get it. Neither does Howard Megdal who gets his Network actors mixed up (I think). 

GQ ranks the best tv baseball announcing teams, giving GKR second place behind the amazing Vin Scully. Well deserved.

Jeremy Greenhouse evaluates ML outfielders' arm strength and, not surprisingly, Jeff Francouer fares pretty well.

Met video blogger Kerel Cooper keeps advancing through the WFAN Fantasy Phenom contest and is well on his way towards his own show.

Around MLB

In case you were wondering, David Ortiz was the victor in last night's Home Run Derby, but the real winners were the Milwaukee Brewers fans who get $13 shaved off their ticket price.

Baseball Reference has put together a neat database of all opening day starters. Here's the Mets'. 

Announcer Jon Miller is suspicious of Colorado's home-field success

Adam Dunn's interest in staying with the Nationals is starting to wane.

ESPN's Baseball Tonight or MLB's MLB Tonight in a battle of two different cultures and approaches. I do not have cable, so I do not care.

And, finally, props to Ted Berg for dropping some cash on reminding everyone of Tommy Hanson's pedigree.