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All-Star Game Coverage

Just a couple of programming notes. We'll have a gamethread running here during the All-Star Game for all of your embiggening needs, so if you've got nothing else going on definitely swing back around for the chatter.

Concurrent with that, a BlackBerry Messaging chat will be going on featuring a group of really bright SBN baseball bloggers. I will also be there. BlackBerry hooked us up with devices to use, and we're going to talk about the first half, the ASG, expectations for the second half, and so on. The participants, if you're interested:

Jeff Sullivan, Lookout Landing
Adam Morris, Lone Star Ball
Will McDonald, Royals Review
Sky Kalkman, Beyond The Boxscore
Eric Stephen, True Blue LA
Yours Truly, Francoeur Avenue

A transcript of the chat will be posted tomorrow in case you need to kill some time at work.